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The situation we are experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic has heightened our fears. We live in a continuous state of uncertainty and the recent information regarding Aztrazeneca does not help us to achieve that longed-for stability and trust in recovery.
First and foremost, let us normalize and respect fear. We are all human, let us be empathetic when dealing with the issue of vaccination. There are many months of emotional exhaustion and there are people who find it difficult to handle so many changes. These are people with low frustration tolerance who feel they are losing control of their world: it can be a very hard time.

Let’s have empathy and humility, please. We are all in the same boat and we need to help each other.

These events with vaccines in general and with Astrazeneca’s in particular are causing an increase in anxiety disorders: palpitations, nervousness, irritability, sleep problems, lack of concentration, recurrent thoughts about vaccination, and so on. An increase in obsessive/compulsive behaviors has also been observed, such as excessive eating, drinking or sleeping to escape from reality or the continuous search for information to alleviate anxiety states.
All these symptoms are caused by the external environment, but the interpretation we make of it greatly influences how much it affects us.
I want to give a message of hope, because there are more colors than black on a palette. The solution? Train the mind and emotions to focus on other perspectives. That way, we will be able to help ourselves cope in a healthier way.

Tips to alleviate the symptoms of fear, anxiety and worry before the effects of the vaccine:

1. It is essential to get information from reliable sources about the benefits and risks of vaccination. Even ibuprofen has side effects! Look up the percentages of deaths/inhabitant by AztraZeneca and ask yourself what your life would be like with and without the vaccine. What could and could not you do in the future? In the end you decide but find out all the short and long term consequences, both for you and for the people you live with.

2. Once you know those numbers, discuss your concerns with your doctor or some authority on the subject and decide. And leave it at that. Stop continually watching the news whose only purpose is to push us into fear. Your task is to live life as well as possible with what we have right now. How? Distract yourself: take a walk in the countryside, spend time with your children, practice a sport, read an interesting book or create a project (at home, at work…) that will help you to divert your attention and focus on other facets of your life that you had set aside because of your worries.

3. Remember that mind and body are linked. Fear, anxiety and constant worry cause a weakening of our immune system, so we could be more exposed to any virus. Strengthen it, take care of your moods, fill your life with beautiful memories, get active and you will protect it.

4. If you have decided to get vaccinated but you find it hard to handle anxiety and worry, stop and breathe. Start to self-regulate and focus on your breathing. Don’t let your thoughts take over your life, sometimes they do without you even realizing it. If you find yourself nervous, it is because that inner voice is talking to you in a negative way. It’s okay, be aware of the situation and start breathing. Relaxation techniques are essential in these situations, but be consistent.

5. Yes, breathing can relieve you momentarily, but not completely. Move to another part of the house, to the street, force yourself to get out of that state of mind through action: physically move away from that particular place.

6. If you notice that, even practicing all these tips, you find it difficult to manage the situation and your emotions, I advise you to visit a psychologist who can teach you and accompany you in the execution of very effective techniques, scientifically proven, to be able to cope with these moments. These will help you to solve day-to-day problems, regaining some control. Cognitive restructuring technique, a change of perspective to a way of thinking can release anxiety. Relaxation techniques, already discussed in point number 4, although there are many more… Distraction techniques, a tool that I have already described in point number 2. Assertiveness techniques and management of inner dialogue…


Life constantly tests us: this is another stone in our path and we can overcome it. We are more capable than we think we are, however, we take it all in stride and we stumble.
What if life is trying to teach us something from this experience?
What if the Pandemic wants us to learn something about ourselves? About our values? About our priorities? About the role we play in our lives?

Not everything is negative.

If you have any questions, I am here to help you out
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Best regards!

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